Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Scenes from the line for LeBron James Witness History tickets in BGC. PHOTOS:

Scenes from LeBronville in BGC last July 16:

Some of the first people in line. They started lining up 5:00pm last Monday.

Was surprised to see this guy in line. Yup. That's a Kobe Bryant Nike Logo tattoo.

He even brought his Team Kobe shirt. He knows this is the line for a LeBron James event right? Haha.


Now here's a guy who should really be here.

As well as this guy.

And these guys.

Naturally, a lot of them rocked LeBron tees.

I wasn't surprised to see this guy in a Lost Angels Lickers shirt. Magoo Marjon will hunt you down bro.

Friends who cheer for LeBron together, wait for free tickets together.

They started lining up outside Nike Park but they were eventually transferred to an open parking lot nearby.

No sleep and lots of hair for LeBron.

I love you Bron. Mwah.

Even Growling Tigers want to see LeBron James.

It's a family affair for the Gabriel Family including 9-year-old Kristen who says this is an experience.

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