Monday, April 21, 2014

Because Crazy loves Quick - adidas Crazyquick 2. PHOTOS:

Bro 1: Bro, I'll say the name of a player and tell me the first word that pops in your head. Ready? 
Bro 2: Ready. 
Bro 1: Okay game. Here we go. John Wall! 
Bro 2: Quick! 
Bro 1: Nice. Okay, round 2. Ready?
Bro 2: Ready Bro.
Bro 1: John Wall! 
Bro 2: Crazy! 
Bro 1: You have it all figured out Bro. 

If you have the words Crazy and Quick in one sneaker, it's gotta be sweet right? The adidas Crazyquick 2 was created for quickness - to redefine what it means to be quick on the court. How? The Crazyquick 2 features an all-new QUICKWEB upper for optimum flexibility and control. The perforated grooves contour with the movement of your foot. This works perfectly with the Crazyquick outsole the way the word quick works well with John Wall. So you can play quicker. So you can ball better. 

Chris Tiu, who rocked the Crazyquick 2 'John Wall' when Rain or Shine faced Talk 'N Text last April 9, loved playing in his new kicks. "I really like it," Chris, who benefited from the Crazyquick tech which allows for controlled flexibility, better traction and optimal foot lock down during quick cuts, said. "It's light like the D-Rose. It fits my wide foot. The soles grip the floor quite well. And it's stylish!" 

Props to the three stripes crew for matching a bold design - marked by the gradient blue/grey molded Geofit upper - with the boldness of John Wall's game. You'll also spot signature details on the lace loops - personalized names for speed ambassadors John Wall or Damian Lillard. Armed with 4 Unique Quick Zones in the toe, forefoot, mid foot and heel in the Crazyquick 2, you can go as quick as Wall and ball as crazy as Lillard. Quick loves quick. Crazy loves crazy. Cop the Crazyquick 2 (P6995) at adidas and leading sports stores. MH

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