Monday, April 21, 2014

Brooklyn vs Toronto "Headline War" is on! PHOTOS:

Here's the emphatic sports headline of the New York Post. It says: F#@K YEAH! It was the Post's reaction after Toronto Raptors GM Masai Ujiri yelled "F#@k Brooklyn" during a Raptors pep rally before Game 1. Watch: 

It was also the New York Post's counter-attack after the Toronto Sun ran this actual sports headline before Game 1:

I asked Duane Watson of TSN/SLAM if this was an actual headline. Duane, who lives in Toronto, said it was. He also said that the headline could've been the Toronto's Sun reaction to the notion that Brooklyn "tanked"( or if I could borrow Jeff Van Gundy's term -- "micro-tanked" ) so they would face Toronto in the first round. An eye for an eye, a headline for a headline. Can't wait to see what the Post and the Sun will think of next. MH

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