Saturday, April 26, 2014

Rico Blanco won a championship in his first NBA Fantasy season. Find out how.

You all know Rico Blanco...the rock star. You might also know Rico Blanco, if you follow him on Instagram...the sneakerhead. But do you know Rico Blanco...the NBA Fantasy champ? 

Rico played head-to-head style in two NBA Fantasy leagues. He won the championship in one league and finished first runner-up in the other. How did he do it?

RB: I changed them quite a bit from draft day to championship. Especially my second place team since it was auto draft because I had a gig that night.

RB: This line-up had injured players at the start of the season because of auto draft. I had inured Andrew Bynum, Trey Burke after the auto draft. Dropped them and then later picked up Trey Burke just before he played. Also stashed injured Tobias Harris when I was rebuilding, whom I later traded. I traded half my team at the trade deadline. I was first pick btw. Of course I chose LeBron. 

RB: That's for my second place team. For my champion team I didn't really do much as I was able to do live draft. Just panicked when Brook Lopez got injured. I was leading the league and sacrificed position so I could stash Bledsoe. I went into the playoffs third in standings, exactly where I wanted. I played 14 team leagues 9 categories head to heads per week. 

To give you an idea of how Rico won a championship, look at some of the key players he used, at one or another, in the league he won:

David West, Monta Ellis, Danny Green, Jose Calderon, Carmelo Anthony, LaMarcus Aldridge, Brook Lopez, Robin Lopez, Jodie Meeks, Josh McRoberts, Trey Burke, Kendall Marshall, Kyle Singler, Martell Webster.

Winning in NBA Fantasy involves a good amount of luck, for sure. Even beginner's luck. But ask really good NBA Fantasy players and they'll often say it's what you do after the draft - pulling off crafty trades, dropping and picking up players at the right time - that wins you the title. MH

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