Monday, January 27, 2014

NBA Finals Intro - Legacy of Champions + Top Rank Intro - Legends of the Ring. VIDEO:

This NBA Finals opening montage for the NBA on ABC telecast is entitled "Legacy of Champions" and rightfully so. I remember watching this right before games during the 2010 Lakers vs Celtics Finals. They'll even play this inside the arena. It's an awesome way to get fans amped for the game. Because our love for basketball is always an emotional fusion of the past, present and future. 

Top Rank also has a classic opening montage - Legends of the Ring. You've seen this right before Pacquiao fights, right? It's where the past and present intersect. Absolutely love it when they show this inside the MGM Grand Arena and love how fans react to it even more. It's like reminding fans that they paid for their ticket, that they'll expect history to unfold, that they'll watch the next big fight because of one thing. It reminds fans that they love boxing.

Ganda sana if PBA fans could watch something like this right before semis or finals games both on television and inside Araneta or MOA diba? MH

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