Wednesday, January 29, 2014

PBA Fan Art - The Extra Rice Jumpman Logo. GRAPHICS:

Each time Beau Belga goes up for a hang-time shot, his teammates call him Air Jollibee. Yes, Air Jollibee. Since Beau displayed some slick one-on-one moves vs Petron in Game 1 of their semis series, it's time to give Beau an awesome logo. 

Surely, we're all familiar with Michael Jordan's Jumpman logo. But PBA Fan Artist @geraldasakura came up with something new. Jumpman + Extra Rice =  This! 

Incredible! But wait, there's more. Since Beau is more synonymous with his magical shot-fake than his hang-time moves, PBA Fan Artist @HaeLGRfX created this: 

The Extra Rice Jumpman...and...The Magical Shot-Fake Man...have arrived. MH

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