Wednesday, January 15, 2014

2013 interview with sportscasting living legend Vin Scully. VIDEO:

Even at 86 years old, Vin Scully remains as sharp, engaging and witty as ever. Highly-regarded as the "patron saint" of all baseball broadcasters, Scully shared his philosophy as a broadcaster in this 2013 interview. He says, "I just do me, whatever I am, that just comes out." Which is why Scully from 50 years ago and Scully today incredibly sound the same. Talk about consistency. In fact, the way he talks in this interview is exactly how he talks during a game. His relaxed, conversational style hardly wavers when he covers games. It doesn't matter if it's a close game or a blowout. Scully, the brilliant storyteller that he is, will always try to make you feel at home.  MH

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