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Manila Clasico - a He Said, She Said Recap. By Josef Jorelle Javier and JC Pelagio.

Manila Classico Recap by Josef Jorelle Javier. 

What He Said:

Offensive rebound after offensive rebound after offensive rebound after offensive rebound. San Mig Coffee did not care if they are up against the tallest frontline in the league. SMC outrebounded Ginebra—Wait. Are you sitting down? Good. – 62 to 39!


It was as if I can almost hear Ginebra fans’ collective groaning on TV whenever San Mig Coffee grabs an offensive board.

SMC grabbed 25 offensive boards (18 in the 1st half) while Ginebra managed to grab only 9 despite Greg Slaughter and Japeth Aguilar’s presence in the paint. The result? 22 second chance SMC points. That was huge! If only Ginebra managed to secure at least 5 more defensive boards, they could’ve won the game.

Well, that's the price you pay when you play zone. Ginebra played zone for almost half of the game to try and negate SMC’s triangle offense.

We also have to credit SMC’s hustle and gang rebounding. Seven SMC players grabbed at least 7 rebounds. James Yap, despite having a bad shooting night (12pts, 5/19 FG, 0/3 3PT FG), actually led the game with 10 rebounds.

SMC moved the ball quite well in the 4th quarter, allowing them to score high percentage shots (46.7% FG 7/15 in the 4th quarter) and that resulted to big plays in crunch time. In fact, SMC didn't attempt a single 3-pt shot in the 4th quarter. 

Can you believe that?

Defense was also key for SMC. Their defense forced Ginebra to take some bad shots. Ginebra only shot 21.1% on the field in the 4th quarter (4/19 FG).

Mark Barroca played huge for SMC. He kept on bailing out the Mixers after every Ginebra attempt to regain momentum. He finished with 16pts, 7rebs, 6ast and 3stls, including the key steal of the game where Tenorio intercepted the inbound pass with Barroca chasing him and eventually stealing the ball from the Gineral.

For San Mig Coffee, this game could mean the start of a series of victories that can help them claw their way back to the top. Let's see how this victory will fuel the team.

And for any losing team, there is always the perpetual question of “how do you bounce back from a loss?” Proof that despite sitting prettily on the top of the standings, there is always room for improvement. 

Your move, Ginebra. JJJ

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Manila Clasico Recap by JC Pelagio

What She Said:

I know there are women out there who love basketball as much as, if not more than, any guy. But I’m sure many ladies would agree when I say that how most women feel about basketball is how most men feel about mani pedis, putting the toilet seat down, and Sex and the City. 

Hindi ma-explain explain.

So while the guys are busy analyzing and arguing over Jorelle’s game statistics and highlight plays, why don’t we (hi girlfriends!) sneak out to grab a cup of coffee while I share my fangirl thoughts from Sunday’s Manila Clasico.

Pingris’ highlights. And I'm not even talking about a well executed play. Hair highlights, girls! See? May vanity involved din! Kaso yung highlights niya is not proportionate to his pogi level eh. His hairstylist could have done a better job.

LA’s arm sleeve. You know how in dressing up, we say that accessories are our best bet to jazz up a boring outfit or create a statement? The way I see it, that is how it works for these basketball players too. Some wear headbands while others take basketball fashion a notch higher with their sock and sneaker game. Last Sunday though, LA’s arm sleeve took the spotlight. It added more angas to his already angas game. (Or was it only me?)

Cat Fight: Tenorio vs Barroca. Oh, it was nasty. The highlight: LA with the steal, goes straight to the basket, Mark Barroca hounding him. LA tries to execute an “ano ha? Mas magaling ako sayo” lay-up with a spin but comes up short. Gigil was then all over the place. And so is a batok. Meow.

#JapethLikeItsHot. Nagiging basketball pogi si Japeth when he does all of these in one game: dunk, shoot and block. Well, that happens practically during every game pala. Kulang na lang MVP Honors and Japeth will be the first to be crowned Basketball Pogi Noon, Mas Bumasketball Pogi Pa Ngayon.

CHRIS ELLIS. When he sees a crack in the defense, count on Ellis to fly his way to the basket. Would you know if he's taking any passengers on his flight? Let me know PRETTY PLEASE?

So..coffee date soon? JCP

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