Thursday, December 16, 2010

For most Celtics opponents, The Truth Hurts!

Superb playoff-type game between the Boston Celtics and New York Knicks. Clearly, the excitement is back in New York -- and I mean 90's level excitement. Hopefully, for the Knicks' sake, the dark days of the 2000's are behind them.

Raymond Felton and Amar'e Stoudamire were like 2 guys taking on an entire team. Felton 26 points 14 assists. Amar'e 39 points 10 rebounds. Unfortunately, it seemed the case was the same in terms of Knick rebounding and defense down the stretch.

Bad shots by Felton and Amar'e leads to a Ray Allen 3-pointer for a Boston 3 point lead. Gallo ties the game with a nifty Euro-flop 3-point play.

Then...clock ticking down....Amar'e and the Knicks face the ugly TRUTH...

Funniest part of the clip is when Nate Robinson almost ends his career by over-celebrating. Rule of thumb is: to body bump once is fine, but doing it twice or thrice is just overkill. Nasahod tuloy ni Pierce! See, even for teammates, the Truth sometimes hurts too.

So the Knicks have one last chance. Down by 2. With just 0.4 seconds remaining. Sounds familiar. Rookie Landry Fields passes the ball to Amar'e who gathers himself for a buzzer-beating three pointer. Swish! Bedlam. Spike Lee wants to strangle Paul Pierce at midcourt. But even Mike D'Antoni tells Amar'e it doesn't count.

What Amar'e should've done with 0.4 seconds remaining was to take a no-look, fade-away, turn-around jumper. Right D-Fish?

I would've preferred that the Knicks won this game. It would've made the run-up to their upcoming game against LeBron and the Heat even more captivating.

We Are Alaska Aces

In the meantime, I'm sure you've seen Alaska's television commercials lately. It's Alaska's way of celebrating their 25th year in the PBA. The commercials are slick, straight to the point and really brings a 21st century feel to a 25-year old team.

The best part about these commercials is that we get to see it even during non-PBA games on non-PBA channels. I know it costs money to do this. I also know getting more people to follow the games with above-average loyalty can't be accomplished for free.

So maybe one of my Christmas wishes is to see television commercials of the same make and type featuring more PBA teams. Papayag ba ang ibang teams na Alaska lang ang may glossy team commercial??? Dapat hindi hehe. Besides, if a team promotes itself on different channels, it will not only promote the team itself, it also promotes the league and everyone involved in it.

My only gripe with the commercial: why did they edit out the part that says...

"I am not Mang Tom."

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