Thursday, December 23, 2010

Ginebra and Alaska collide on Christmas Day

The Christmas Day PBA Game is both a nifty tradition and a tricky situation.

It's a treat for the fans. I don't think players and coaches get a kick out of playing these games, though. The worst way to spend Christmas day is to not only work, but to work and lose at the same time. Who wants to work on Christmas day? Worse, who wants to lose on Christmas day? But it's work. And in the scheme of things, quite good work. And players and coaches are paid professionals. There are reasons to complain, sure. But the guys know, there are a thousand other reasons to be grateful instead.

The guys can groan. It's their right. But it's one more chance to play, one more opportunity to show why they deserve to be in the PBA. And, surely, they'll be thankful. It will be the latest entry in the Ginebra-Alaska saga. It will be another day in the office for hardworking professionals.

On Christmas day, Ginebra and Alaska will dispute the remaining spot in the PBA All-Filipino Semis. Talk N Text and B-Meg will face-off in one Semis duel. San Miguel awaits the winner of the Ginebra vs Alaska rubber match for the other Semis pairing. Somehow, throughout the history of the PBA, Ginebra and Alaska always find each other in harrowing circumstances.

Remember this?

Do or Die. On Christmas Day. Miller vs Baguio all over again. Diamon Simpson is gone. But the hurt is likely still there. Enjoy your Noche Buena on Christmas Eve guys. Cherish Christmas morning with your families. Because Christmas afternoon-to-evening will be about work -- the kind of work PBA players, coaches, referees, broadcasters etc are grateful to have.

For Ginebra, it's a chance to strangle the Aces for what they did back in July. For Alaska, it's the always exciting chance to book Ginebra on an early, unexpected vacation. Christmas in the PBA is not just about giving, it's also about winning. MH

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