Friday, December 10, 2010

Friday Notes - Ginebra-TNT and the Feltonar'e

Ginebra vs TNT

Ginebra and Talk N Text meet tonight in a virtual KO game for the last twice-to-beat advantage in the PBA Philippine Cup. San Miguel (11-3) already clinched the first twice-to-beat advantage. Top 2 teams at the end of the elimination round earn twice-to-beat bonus against #7 and #8 in the playoffs. Even if either Ginebra (9-3) or TNT (9-3) finish 11-3 after 14 games, SMB is safe. Therefore, Ginebra and TNT are the only teams remaining with a chance to join SMB in the top 2.

Therefore, the game tonight between Ginebra and TNT should deliver an intense playoff vibe. Although most Ginebra-TNT games do so anyway. It helps that both teams are always in title contention. It helps that Ginebra is owned by SMC and TNT is not. It helps that most Ginebra-TNT games feel like grudge matches. Even when Asi was there. Even when Asi left. More so when Cardona was there. More so when...teka muna...Cardona's no longer there. Uh oh. Who will be Barangay Ginebra's "crowd-favorite"?

Who will Ginebra fans adopt as kontrabida nonpareil?

Jimmy's too good. Peek's too scary. Kelly's too exciting. And Carey's too much of a workhorse - mahirap magalit sa masipag. I want to say Mark Yee, I bet Mark Yee wants to say Mark Yee, but his playing time equals the number of minutes I spend doing sit-ups. Not much. I want to say Chot Reyes's shirt, but even his attire has been subdued as of late. But I suppose all it will take is one over-reaction from Tubid, against any Tropang Texter, even Gilbert Lao, to agitate the flock.

Speaking of Peek, Ali is likely on top of Ginebra's scouting report. He's been solid in his last two games -- 23 ppg 8.5 rpg 1.5 bpg. If Menk makes another elimination round "appearance", it should be brutal inside the paint tonight.

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The Feltonar'e!

Who needs the old Nash-Amar'e combo when, in New York, the Knicks have the Feltonar'e. If you totally knew Raymond Felton and Amar'e Stoudamire would play this well together, especially during the Knicks' current 6-game winning run, then you're either a fortune teller or a genius. Since I am neither, I will gladly share my surprise.

How are you doing this Mr. Felton?

The guy looks like his body is about to breakdown on every play. Hunched back. Giant white knee pads. A jump-shot only a mother could love. He's an ex-Bobcat. Plus...he's a Tar Heel (just kidding). Yet he's producing numbers like he's Chris Paul. He's only had one single-digit scoring game. His season average: 19 ppg 4 rpg 9apg. And because he adds steals and blocks every game, Felton is making Stoudamire, the Knicks and my NBA Fantasy Team "Ang Mga Ricky Rubios" all look good. Long live the Feltonar'e! MH

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