Monday, December 13, 2010

If you Khan do it, the Heat can too

You Khan do it!

Khan-Maidana bout considered candidate for fight of the year? Yes I agree. 10th round considered candidate for round of the year? Yes it's a worthy nominee. To add, the 10th round almost made this bout a candidate for come-from-behind win of the year. Maidana was this close to nullifying scorecards and punching Khan back to England.

Also, watching the fight was supposed to be an exercise in objectivity since neither fighter was Pinoy. But when you see Freddie Roach and Alex Ariza in Khan's corner, how can a Pinoy fight fan not lean towards the flashy Khan?

Hot Hot Heat

Can the Heat go undefeated in December? It's tought but not impossible.

Naturally, I immediately received emotional rebuttals from Laker fans on Twitter. Wait for your turn guys. December 25/26 pa kayo. But checking the Heat's schedule, if they beat New Orleans on Dec 14 and Dallas on Dec 20, the rest of their sked is peppered with beatable teams. Who knows -- they might even head into Staples on Christmas Day with a 14-game winning run.

Heat's remaining December opponents:
  • Hornets
  • Cavs
  • at Knicks
  • at Wizards
  • Mavericks
  • at Suns
  • at Lakers
  • Knicks
  • at Rockets


It's going to be quite an effort, but it's doable. Yet before the Heat deal with Dirk, Nash and Kobe, they'll need to deal with...the...Feltonar'e (pronounced like Focolare)!

Felton and Amar'e have led the Knicks to an 8-game winning streak just like the Heat. I don't think the Garden has been this excited since...

a) John Starks dunked on the Bulls' frontline in '93

b) Larry Johnson hit the miracle four-point play in '99

and c) since Isiah left town. MH

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