Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Griffin leads Dunkers vs Shot-Blockers Contest

Call it wishful thinking. Call it a decent attempt to change an eroding institution. But I'll say it again: why not have a Slam Dunk Contest involing Slam-Dunkers and Shot-Blockers instead of just featuring dunkers (especially if this season's dunk contestants have the combined personality of a cold pandesal).

Case in point:

So let's proceed. Slam Dunkers versus Shot-Blockers. Parang Plants versus Zombies lang yan. Tama ba? Either way, what we'll get is a showdown, not merely a showcase. Wouldn't that be one thousand times more interesting?

Imagine the ferocity of a dunker running at full-speed face to face with a shot-blocker determined to block a dunk with full-force. I know there are safety issues here but entertainment-wise, you must agree it promises to be quite a show.

Exhibit B:

I already have Blake Griffin on top of the list of Dunkers. Any violent objections?

Then we letShannondunk again. He's really not the creative dunker type -- more of the power-dunker variety.

Then Russell Westbrook has to be the intriguing PG-dunker of the group.

Exhibit C:

Who else should be on the list of Slam-Dunkers? D-Wade? Iguodala? Eric Grodon? Rose? Let me know on Twitter (@micohalili).

But what about the Shot-Blockers?

As of today, top 5 shot-blockers in the NBA are Darko, Bogut, JaVale McGee,Dwight Howard and Josh Smith. Given Bogut's recent injury, I am inclined to replace him with Emeka Okafor. And maybe Tyson Chandler can replace Darko,'s Darko.

They draw lots and every Dunker is paired of with a Shot-Blocker at random. The live lottery should add even more drama.

Then...let the MAYHEM begin...

Slam-Dunkers versus Shot-Blockers during the NBA All-Star Weekend. Isn't it a nasty thought? MH

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